Missing the ‘you’ in ‘me’ πŸ€•

I reminisced that moment,
the day you entered my life.
Filling my life with colours,
teaching me to rejoice.
I always saw a potential best friend in you,
a heart full of love and care;
when you stood in front of me for the first time,
I looked over you with an adorable stare.
You were the most obedient student,
answering all the questions.
I only wanted to befriend you and let your world glisten.
It hardly took any span of time,
to turn us into best friends.
Sharing all the moments of life,
announcing forever has no end!
We twirled onto successes together with each other aside,
and roamed around beautiful places,
strong willing to recide.
We spent nearly half of the days talking about every effing thing.
Something as peculiar as our enemy’s beautiful ring!
One of those favourite moments is when you bumped at my place.
Those 850 selfies we clicked are surely not to be replaced.
You became the most important part of my hoax life.
Oops. I am mistaken. You were actually my ‘life’!
All the difficult things in my life finally started to sort,
I cannot thank you enough for the happiness you brought.
Then came the second-most heart breaking news of my lifetime.
You will be shifting to another place and not meet me for months nine.
I cried alot and kept crying until my eyes had sore.
I wish I could hug you infinity times,
I wished to hug you more.
Several months passed and I learnt to live without you.
You left an empty void in my heart, which could be filled only by you.
I kept finding ‘you’ in others;
those twirling eyes, prettiest smile
and the heart that bothers!
You tried sending me letters and emails in the earlier stages,
But I understood you when you often said,
that your academics is outrageous.
I truly treasure each and every letter of yours
and obviously those emails,
Don’t you ever worry i said, i will never let our forever fail.
It had been nearly a month,
we hadn’t even talked.
Then came the news,
which left me stunned and shocked.
You met with an accident and lost all your memory,
I was a stranger for you.
I was nothing more than a reverie.
It broke my heart into several pieces to realise my’ life’ thinks I am no one.
you didn’t remember all our fun,
I so wish this could be undone.
This is the most heartbreaking thing i had ever encountered,
Never had my mom seen me looking so floundered.
For several days,
I felt lifeless; I felt like scars all over.
I wished I could get you back,
I so longed for our forever!
And here I exist with all your love best friend,
holding it inside.
Whenever I notice others with their best friends,
I feel being hit by a tide.
I only want you to know that I’ll love you till I die.
You are the page that I kept my bookmark in with an excruciating sigh!
I miss the ‘you’ in me’,
I miss it everyday.
Hope you remember everything
and come back running to me someday.
We could have our shopping sprees,
and all those infinity hugs,
filled with happiness and glee!


Published by: thevagrantsoul98

Here's Vaishali! These are some poems written by me! I usually post poems every Sunday! These poems shall surely reflect your emotions at some point! You can always relate with them :) I m a teen too! These poems to some extent; reflect my emotions and some part of it is imagination! I hope reading these poems makes your day! Do Like. Comment. Share! 🎈 And let me know what you feel! I will be glad to know your inputs! ☺ Suggestions welcomed! :)


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