I wish I hadn’t expected 😌

I turn nostalgic today, as i recall this incident.
Thinking how things were supposed to be, in every manner: imminent.        
I wish that day must have never ended,  
That collision with you should have extended.
That day, I was rushing down the street,     
I was getting really late.
A few of my friends decided to meet.
Inorder to discuss a close friend’s post accidents state.
I collided with you badly,
And scolded you for being so blind.
Little did i realize,    
I was being too unkind.
You apologized quite sweetly,
But hardly did i care.
I was getting effing late,
I had no time to spare.
Even in this hustle of episodes
I managed catching a sight. 
Though i was angry enough,
I decided not to fight.
I reached the place where my friends had decided to meet,
We talked alot that day,
But I had no clue what we talked. 
As I had my attention sway.
Sway in your thoughts and that sight of your sparkling eyes blue.
I then realised i had been too rude
And what should i act next i had no clue. 
I regretted the fact that i should have apologized.
Maybe only for the sake of humanity,
But this guilt could be minimised.
You didn’t even utter a word of disregard,
This made me fall for you hard.
You seemed a man of principles,
Destiny brought us together actually,
Because falling for you was surely a miracle.  
Days passed but we never met thereafter,
I then started to feel maybe you were a closed chapter.
I handled my heart well and made it understand,
You were the air meant not to stand.    
Abruptly, someday a family shifted to our building,
My mom told me about this
I then had some strange intuitions pitching.                       
Though i didn’t meet the family quite soon,
I was more bothered about that guy
Who had made me croon.   
I had no trace of the cycle of events deciding to rebound
One fine day, the doorbell rang
Leaving me astound.
There you were standing right in front of me,
I felt tensed and unsound.
I wish i could hug you tight enough like i did in my dreams.    
All that you said was,
“Can I get a bowl of sugar? My mom needs it to make cream.”  
You were as polite as you have always been.
I realised that you were our new neighbour which that day i hadn’t seen.
I understood the reasons for my intuitions,
They were a proof of you entering my life again, bringing transitions.
We started meeting quite often
And turned the best of friends.
I never told you that my love for you had already transcend.
You called me your ‘best friend’,
But you were already my ‘love’.
I wish I could announce this to the world; pretty loud enough.
Gathering all the courage and hopes,
I decided to propose you.
I wish I had never decided this
And could decide on the button ‘undo’.
But when i rushed down the roads
To confess what i feel,
This was meant to happen someday
The truth decided to unveil.
I saw you holding someone close enough to your chest,
I could see the love for her in your eyes at it’s best.
You already loved her with unhindered passion.
My world shook in the second of this event;
All i left was with one-sided compassion.
Call this true love or whatever
I decided to walk away and meet you never.
With all those regrets, I still exist
Wishing the fact that i shouldn’t have expected.

Expected love from your end.

~Emotions within the parts of your soul


Published by: thevagrantsoul98

Here's Vaishali! These are some poems written by me! I usually post poems every Sunday! These poems shall surely reflect your emotions at some point! You can always relate with them :) I m a teen too! These poems to some extent; reflect my emotions and some part of it is imagination! I hope reading these poems makes your day! Do Like. Comment. Share! 🎈 And let me know what you feel! I will be glad to know your inputs! ☺ Suggestions welcomed! :)


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