Enchanting dream ☺

When I closed my eyes,
I could visualize our future,
We holding hands together;
Staring into each other’s eyes
As if,
forever is going to end never!
I wish this dream would come true soon,
And I have you in my arms,
Instead of staring at the moon.
So that we could have our tiny little talks,
And engrave our names on those rocks!
As names on sand fade away,
I cannot even imagine that bae.
You are the oxygen to my heart,
If you leave me,
I shall break apart!
But I trust you my forever thing,
One day,
I shall be staring at our wedding ring!😚
I will hug you so hard,
I will never let you go! ♥

~Something that you feel and hide. 🙂


Published by: thevagrantsoul98

Here's Vaishali! These are some poems written by me! I usually post poems every Sunday! These poems shall surely reflect your emotions at some point! You can always relate with them :) I m a teen too! These poems to some extent; reflect my emotions and some part of it is imagination! I hope reading these poems makes your day! Do Like. Comment. Share! 🎈 And let me know what you feel! I will be glad to know your inputs! ☺ Suggestions welcomed! :)


16 thoughts on “Enchanting dream ☺”

  1. Liked it very much, but can you write about how someone feels after a break up? As m sure there are a lot of people waiting for their feelings to be expressed thru your poems ☺. xx thankyou. Keep up the great work ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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