The lost soul 😟✊

There was a thunder of
emotions in her mind,
But the world was all blind,
To all her mood swings,
And her dumped feelings.
She kept crying in a corner,
But the things didn’t change sooner.
She kept trying and trying
To manage everything.
But her soul was dying; 
With every breaking link,
The link which she had been holding
For long long years
Suddenly started to disappear!
Slowly and slowly
She lost everything she had,
But the world was still mad.
Little did they understand
No one was at her stand.
She kept falling apart,
But still managed a fake smile.
This is how she started living everyday,
Without any hope, without any pray!
She lost the original her
And started wearing a fur.
A fur filled with fakeness;
But she wasn’t a “wannabe”
She was a caged bird
Willing to be free…

Words from your mind. 🎀


Published by: thevagrantsoul98

Here's Vaishali! These are some poems written by me! I usually post poems every Sunday! These poems shall surely reflect your emotions at some point! You can always relate with them :) I m a teen too! These poems to some extent; reflect my emotions and some part of it is imagination! I hope reading these poems makes your day! Do Like. Comment. Share! 🎈 And let me know what you feel! I will be glad to know your inputs! ☺ Suggestions welcomed! :)


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