My first crush ☺

When I looked into your eyes,
I stopped for a while,
I kept gazing you,
As if walking a mile!
You seemed like a daydream
I was a nightmare,
So I moved away
From this life fair,
But I couldn’t forget
The sight of yours,
Which seemed true and pure
I wonder why I fell for you,
Because now it was difficult
to move on,
But I held myself
And frowned.
And finally ended up
Loving you more! ❤


Published by: thevagrantsoul98

Here's Vaishali! These are some poems written by me! I usually post poems every Sunday! These poems shall surely reflect your emotions at some point! You can always relate with them :) I m a teen too! These poems to some extent; reflect my emotions and some part of it is imagination! I hope reading these poems makes your day! Do Like. Comment. Share! 🎈 And let me know what you feel! I will be glad to know your inputs! ☺ Suggestions welcomed! :)


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